Chunking Down – Step 1

Perspective View
Top View

In this first attempt at redesigning 30 St Mary Axe, I managed to recreate the outer structure, rotating 5° for each floor, forming the typical diamond-like facade of the building. Furthermore, i added the smaller glass panels, completing the facade.
Moving on, i recreated the peculiar shape of each floor, leaving the triangular openings.

Currently, I am trying to solve the rotation of each slab, which should follow the rotation of the structure. Moreover, I can’t seem to find a way to recreate the glass dome which tops the building.

I struggled to find a way to recreate the curved facade in a precise way. I used scaling factors i measured through technical drawings in order to give an idea of the structure.

The hardest part so far was to recreate the floor plan. In addition, the rotation component does not behave as expected: I am therefore trying to understand where I made a mistake.

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